Market Review and Round-Up of Corporate News Announced During the Week Ending- 151021 – First Ideas Limited

Market Review and Round-Up of Corporate News Announced During the Week Ending- 151021

Key Highlights

  • The equities market recorded positive performance – the listed equities market, NGXASI, recorded a +1.39% gain WoW while the NASD OTC also closed positive with a +1.68% gain.
  • The NAFEX and IEFX rates depreciated.
  • The Brent Crude Oil price moved upwards at the end of the week while the WTI also moved upwards.
  • advanced by +5.39% W-o-W.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.
Source: NSE


The NASD USI closed positive with +1.68% growth W-o-W

Market CAP closed negative with -3.35% decline W-o-W

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.
Source: NASD Plc

2.       Fixed Income and Bonds

FGN Bonds

as @ Friday, October 15 2021
DescriptionPriceYieldChange (%)
11.244 FGNSB 16-OCT-20211003.070
10.296 FGNSB 13-NOV-2021100.63.290
13.390 FGNSB 14-NOV-2021100.83.30
9.091 FGNSB 11-DEC-2021100.93.520
13.402 FGNSB 12-DEC-2021101.63.530
7.144 FGNSB 15-JAN-2022100.83.790
13.125 FGNSB 16-JAN-2022102.33.80
16.39 27-JAN-2022103.53.910
5.910 FGNSB 12-FEB-2022100.64.050.01
13.050 FGNSB 13-FEB-2022102.94.060.01
4.131 FGNSB 11-MAR-202299.924.330.02
12.620 FGNSB 13-MAR-2022103.44.350.03
12.276 FGNSB 10-APR-2022103.74.610.04
12.745 FGNSB 15-MAY-2022104.45.120.08
12.418 FGNSB 19-JUN-2022104.55.640.13
12.195 FGNSB 10-JUL-2022104.55.970.16
11.301 FGNSB 16-AUG-2022103.96.530.22
3.610 FGNSB 19-AUG-202297.586.570.22
12.150 FGNSB 11-SEP-2022104.66.910.25
3.501 FGNSB 16-SEP-202296.926.990.26
2.453 FGNSB 14-OCT-202295.277.420.3
12.244 FGNSB 16-OCT-2022104.67.440.31
1.759 FGNSB 11-NOV-202294.077.570.27
11.296 FGNSB 13-NOV-2022103.87.580.27
10.091 FGNSB 11-DEC-2022102.67.720.22
1.320 FGNSB 16-DEC-202292.887.740.21
13.48 FGNGB 22-DEC-2022106.37.770.2
2.197 FGNSB 13-JAN-202393.337.880.17
8.144 FGNSB 15-JAN-2023100.37.890.16
4.214 FGNSB 10-FEB-202395.288.010.12
6.910 FGNSB 12-FEB-202398.618.020.12
5.181 FGNSB 10-MAR-202396.088.160.07
5.131 FGNSB 11-MAR-2023968.170.07
5.522 FGNSB 14-APR-202396.088.330.01
12.75 27-APR-2023106.18.39-0.01
7.753 FGNSB 14-MAY-202399.038.410.01
8.889 FGNSB 16-JUN-2023100.68.50.01
8.350 FGNSB 14-JUL-202399.648.580.01
8.864 FGNSB 11-AUG-2023100.48.650.01
4.610 FGNSB 19-AUG-202393.148.670.01
8.350 FGNSB 14-JUL-202399.648.580.01
4.610 FGNSB 19-AUG-202393.148.670.01
2.759 FGNSB 11-NOV-202388.518.890
1.820 FGNSB 16-DEC-202386.038.980.01
3.197 FGNSB 13-JAN-202488.249.040.01
5.214 FGNSB 10-FEB-202491.929.110.01
6.181 FGNSB 10-MAR-202493.579.190.01
14.20 14-MAR-2024110.69.20.01
6.522 FGNSB 14-APR-202493.929.280.01
8.753 FGNSB 14-MAY-202498.639.350.01
9.889 FGNSB 16-JUN-2024101.19.430.01
9.350 FGNSB 14-JUL-202499.639.510.01
9.864 FGNSB 11-AUG-2024100.79.570.01
13.53 23-MAR-2025109.610.140.01
14.50 FGNGB 13-JUN-2026112.311.05-0.1
12.50 22-JAN-2026105.310.90
16.2884 17-MAR-2027119.611.35-0.3
13.98 23-FEB-2028109.911.71-0.03
15.00 28-NOV-2028115.111.8-0.02
14.55 26-APR-2029113.311.84-0.02
12.49 22-MAY-2029103.111.85-0.02
8.50 20-NOV-202982.6111.9-0.02
10.00 23-JUL-203089.4311.97-0.02
12.1493 18-JUL-203498.3612.40
12.50 27-MAR-203597.9612.820
12.40 18-MAR-203696.9912.860.02
16.2499 18-APR-2037122.412.88-0.09
9.80 24-JUL-204576.2913.05-0.03
14.80 26-APR-2049112.413.13-0.01
12.98 27-MAR-205098.7613.140

Treasury Bills

as @ Friday, October 15 2021
MaturityDiscountYieldChange (%)
NTB 28-Oct-213.143.140
NTB 11-Nov-213.253.250
NTB 25-Nov-213.353.360
NTB 13-Jan-223.733.760
NTB 27-Jan-223.833.870
NTB 10-Feb-223.943.990
NTB 24-Feb-224.054.110
NTB 10-Mar-224.154.220
NTB 17-Mar-224.214.280
NTB 31-Mar-224.314.40
NTB 28-Apr-224.534.640
NTB 12-May-225.275.430
NTB 26-May-226.016.240
NTB 9-Jun-226.757.060
NTB 30-Jun-226.26.480
NTB 14-Jul-226.436.76-0.13
NTB 28-Jul-226.677.03-0.26
NTB 11-Aug-226.97.310
NTB 25-Aug-226.97.340
NTB 8-Sep-226.97.360.38
OMO 26-Oct-215.375.380
OMO 2-Nov-215.635.640
OMO 16-Nov-216.146.180
OMO 23-Nov-216.46.440
OMO 30-Nov-216.426.470
OMO 7-Dec-216.436.490
OMO 28-Dec-216.486.570
OMO 4-Jan-
OMO 11-Jan-226.686.790.17
OMO 18-Jan-226.666.780.13
OMO 25-Jan-226.646.770.09
OMO 1-Feb-226.626.750.02
OMO 8-Feb-226.66.740
OMO 15-Feb-226.376.51-0.19
OMO 22-Feb-226.136.270
OMO 1-Mar-226.166.31-0.01
OMO 8-Mar-226.196.350
OMO 15-Mar-226.236.390
OMO 16-Aug-226.97.320
SPEB 1-Nov-2166.020
SPEB 29-Nov-2166.040
  • Commodities

Brent crude oil prices moved up by 2.62% W-o-W to $84.66 per barrel.

WTI up by 3.52% W-o-W to $82.07 per barrel as of the time of writing this report. (6:37 pm)

Commodity15-Oct-2108-Oct-2131-Dec-20Weekly ChgYTD Chg
  • Forex

The NAFEX and IEFX rates depreciated.

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